Friday, August 31, 2012

Letter to Mom #1

Dear Mom,

Randy Jackson is no longer a judge on American Idol! It’s the end of an era.

Hoopz from season one of Flavor of Love is dating Shaq. I know, what?

Remember that shade of green that we decided looks awful on me based on my 8th grade photo? I’m decorating my kitchen with it.

Zach told me I’m just like you, and it was probably the best compliment I’ve ever received. He’s still finding his way, but he has your gentle spirit and innate goodness so he’s going to be fine.

TJ has perfected his Larry King impersonation that you found so funny. Now he’s trying Christopher Walken. This one could take awhile, but we're laughing a lot together as he works on it.

I’m not sure I can handle the emotional stress of hosting another golf outing in your honor. I hope you understand if we decide it was just that once.

Dad made an asinine comment the other day and I told him that if you could, you’d spit on his head right now. He laughed, but then said he would thank God if you did. I know you knew how much he loved you, but rest assured – his love has only grown while you’ve been gone.

There are days when I have to put away the photos I keep on my desk of you and our family. Days like today, when glancing up from my work to see your sweet smile has pushed me to tears.

And finally, Lindsay Lohan is still a train wreck.  I kept thinking she was going to get it together, but I'm willing to admit now that you were probably right.

Your Daughter

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