Monday, May 7, 2012

Nonsense Title

I spent a fair amount of time dreaming up a title for this blog… which is surprising since it ended up just being a combination of words that have meaning to me.  Seems like hours of thought should’ve resulted in something catchy or witty, but in the end a “word salad” title felt best. And it’s really quite simple.

Blue: my mom’s favorite color, a word that sounds lovely when you say it… and an accurate description of my state-of-mind after losing her

Love: a word frequently used in my house growing up, a word signed at the end of every birthday card my parents ever gave me, a word that eventually became the only signature needed at the end of our emails, a word I had tattooed on my right forearm in her handwriting one year after she passed

Notebook: no special meaning here, just like the word better than journal or blog

I didn’t want to choose a title that would pigeon-hole this blog into something. If you title your blog “Unending Posts Questioning the Fairness of Losing a Parent at a Young Age” or “I Have a Wardrobe to Rival a Famous Person and Here’s How Cute I Look In It” people (and by people, I mean me since I’ve told no one about this blog) will expect something specific. And right now, I have many thoughts that span a variety of topics, and I want the freedom to put them all in print here. 

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