Thursday, November 29, 2012

Checking the Box on the Family Room

We finally finished our family room! There’s no story behind this space. It was yellow when we moved in. We painted it blue three months later and bought a couch, and then did practically nothing. The basement is finished, so we’ve been using that as our family room. Over Thanksgiving break, we decided enough was enough, so we knocked out the rest of the work. Thankfully, it wasn’t much.

This is the picture of the room from the realtor when we were looking at this house. The wall color is nice – the same as what’s in the kitchen and we kept it there – but it was a lot of yellow.

We snapped only two photos when the room was empty… 
and clearly didn’t do a great job with them.

After we painted and bought the couch, I focused on getting that end of the room presentable. There’s nothing fancy in this picture. The couch, rug, lamp, and little stepstool/table on the left are from Ikea. The end table, photo frame, yellow art, and pillows hail from Target. The frames on the wall (and the scrapbook paper in them) are from Michael’s, as are the flowers and vase. The moon on the left wall is from Crate+Barrel, and the basket holding blankets and pillows is from Bed Bath & Beyond.

The other end of the room is very plain; I don’t want a bunch of knickknacks taking up space. The dresser is Ikea, and that was actually the only thing we had to buy. The chair was my grandparents, we already had Christmas decorations and the tray table, and my dad gifted us with the plant a few weeks ago.

Just for fun – a panoramic shot. You can actually see part of our frame wall in this one : )

I really enjoy seeing our plans for these different rooms coming together. We’re not in a position to take on anything major right now, like the bathroom I dream of remodeling or the laundry room I envision us creating. But working from home this week was much more enjoyable is such a finished space. 

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